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Custom information
1st FavoriteRon Gardenhire. I don't know why. Just really liked him. Hope he makes the Hall as Twins manager.
2nd FavoriteJose Reyes. Come back, Jose, I miss you.
3rd FavoriteCarlos Beltran. Underrated. Classy. DiMaggio-like. Great player.
4th FavoriteDaniel Murphy. Going to be great. Of course, that's what I thought about Gardenhire.
Other information
MoviesThe Bad News Bears. 1962 Season Highlights, and the 2009 remake of the same film. OK, I made those two up, but notice a pattern?
TVMets games. Kiner's Korner.
Music8th inning at Shea listening to Sweet Caroline. Good times never seemed so good, so good, so good, so good. Also loved when they played the Curly Shuffle.
MagazinesSports Illustrated
SnacksPeanuts. Cracker Jacks.
DrinksDepends on the score.
Personal information
Real nameGil Reich
LocationEli, Israel
HometownStaten Island, New York
BirthdayDecember 1st
About meMets Obsessed since 1977.
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posted 2566 days ago

You welcome, how do I change my user name on this group while leaving my real name intact? like how you did to your profile.

posted 3468 days ago

More of it. Look at Recent Changes

posted 3472 days ago

there is another page that I blanked. Please delete Headlight Restoration Kit.

posted 3477 days ago

On sites like wikipedia maybe you should try a feature that let's officially confirmed users to create new pages or edit them.

posted 3477 days ago

I found them in Recent Changes. Also this is getting really annoying I think you need to boost up security on the site since spammers are posting crap that has nothing to do with the Mets.

posted 3920 days ago

MetFan, thank you for the compliment. As far as the pictures at the top are concerned, I've been wondering one thing - why are all of them of current players except for Jesse Orosco at the right? I think it should be a line of Mets through the years. For example, start with the beginning of their history (Casey Stengel) and make a string of players to form a time line (Seaver, Stearns, Wilson, Hernandez, etc.) up to the current team (Wright, Reyes.) This would look much better. Keep the Orosco picture, though. That's a good one!

posted 4046 days ago

Hi, MetFan! Thanks for your message. Sorry that I didn't see it sooner. I have figured out how to use this site, but I'm still new to it and need to learn more.

Tell me something. Is it possible to change the title of a page that has already been written? If so, is it considered to be acceptable?

posted 4330 days ago

hey there. I'm just trying out this new message board thing...