Rick Auerbach for Lenny Randle

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Date: April 16 & May 20, 1977
Team: Texas Rangers
Sent: Rick Auerbach
Received: Lenny Randle

Early in the 1977 season, the Mets acquired infielder Lenny Randle for a player to be named later. Randle came to the Mets on April 26 after falling out of favor with the Texas Rangers. To complete the transaction, newly-acquired infielder Rick Auerbach was sent to the Rangers on May 20.

Randle became the Mets' regular third baseman and leadoff batter. He hit .272 in 268 games with the team in 1977 and 1978. On June 15, 1977, Auerbach was sold by the Rangers to the Reds without playing in a game for the Texas team.