Nino Espinosa for Richie Hebner and Jose Moreno

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Date: March 27, 1979
Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Sent: Nino Espinosa
Received: Richie Hebner, Jose Moreno

The Mets and Phillies made a deal in Spring Training in 1979. Pitcher Nino Espinosa was sent to Philadelphia in exchange for third basemen Richie Hebner and Jose Moreno. Espinosa had a lifetime won-lost record of 25-33 and was tied for the National League lead in earned runs allowed with 107 in 1978. Hebner was an 11-year major league veteran while Moreno was a minor league prospect.

The deal looked better on paper than it turned out to be for the Mets. Hebner had no desire to play in New York and lasted only one season with the team. He batted .268 with 10 homers and a team-leading 79 RBIs in '79 before being dealt to the Detroit Tigers. Moreno hit .196 in 37 games in 1980, his only year with the Mets.

Espinosa pitched for the Phillies for three seasons. He won 19 games while losing 22 and had a 4.18 ERA in 59 games pitched. Nino was also a part of the Phils' World Championship team in 1980.