Marvell Wynne and Steve Senteney for Junior Ortiz and Art Ray

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Date: June 14, 1983
Team: Pittsburgh Pirates
Sent: Marvell Wynne, Steve Senteney
Received: Junior Ortiz, Art Ray

One day before the trading deadline in 1983, the Mets and Pirates made a deal with each other. Outfielder Marvell Wynne and pitcher Steve Senteney were traded to Pittsburgh for catcher Junior Ortiz and pitcher Art Ray. Wynne was a top prospect in the Mets' system and Senteney had pitched 11 major league games with the Blue Jays in 1982. Ortiz was just beginning his major league career and Ray had been a Pirate farmhand for five years.

Ortiz was a regular Mets roster member in 1983 and 1984. He appeared in 108 games for the team in a utility role. Junior returned to the Pirates the following season. Ray pitched one season at A-level Lynchburg and did not reach the major leagues.

Immediately after the transaction, Wynne joined the Pirates to begin his major league career. He became a regular player, collecting 332 hits in 360 games in three seasons with the Pittsburgh team. Marvell was dealt to the Padres in 1986. Senteney pitched two more seasons in the minor leagues to end his career.