Kevin McReynolds, Gregg Jefferies and Keith Miller for Bret Saberhagen and Bill Pecota

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Date: December 11, 1991
Team: Kansas City Royals
Sent: Kevin McReynolds, Gregg Jefferies, Keith Miller
Received: Bret Saberhagen, Bill Pecota

The Mets and Royals made a five-player deal in December of 1991. The team traded outfielder Kevin McReynolds and infielders Gregg Jefferies and Keith Miller to Kansas City for pitcher Bret Saberhagen and infielder Bill Pecota. McReynolds and Jefferies were productive, but unpopular, players for the Mets while Miller had been no more than a part-time player for four years. Saberhagen was a two-time American League Cy Young Award winner and World Series Most Valuable Player. Pecota had six seasons of major league experience.

Saberhagen pitched in 76 games for the Mets over four seasons. He had a 29-21 won-lost record with a 3.16 earned run average. Bret was a National League All-Star in 1994. Pecota hit .227 in 117 games for the Mets in 1992 before joining the Braves as a free agent.

McReynolds batted .246 with 24 home runs and 91 RBIs in two seasons with the Kansas City team. He rejoined the Mets in 1994. Jefferies played one season with the Royals, hitting .285 in 152 games in '92. Miller had a .258 batting average in 157 games over four seasons as a Royal.