Joel Youngblood for Tom Gorman

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Date: August 4, 1982
Team: Expos
Sent: Joel Youngblood
Received: Tom Gorman

The Mets traded Joel Youngblood to the Montreal Expos for lefthanded pitcher Tom Gorman on August 4, 1982. The deal was unusual in that it was announced during a Mets' game that Youngblood was playing. Joel had to be removed so that he could join the Expos, with whom he played in Philadelphia that night.

The trade worked out fairly well for the Mets. Gorman pitched 169 innings in 98 games with the team through the end of the 1985 season. In 1984, he posted a 6-0 won-lost record. Youngblood played only the reminder of the '82 season in Montreal before joining the San Francisco Giants as a free agent.