Jeff Reardon and Dan Norman for Ellis Valentine

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Date: May 29, 1981
Team: Montreal Expos
Sent: Jeff Reardon, Dan Norman
Received: Ellis Valentine

Announced during a game, the Mets made a deal that was welcomed with enthusiasm. They traded pitcher Jeff Reardon and outfielder Dan Norman to the Expos for outfielder Ellis Valentine in an effort to strengthen the team's offense. Valentine had been a productive player in Montreal, becoming an All-Star and a Gold Glove winner during a quality period for the Expos. Reardon was considered a worthy expenditure while Norman had not gotten much playing time since joining the Mets four years earlier.

The trade did not turn out well for the Mets. The injury-plagued Valentine lasted two seasons in New York before joining the Angels as a free agent. A run-producer in Montreal, Ellis hit 13 home runs with 69 RBIs for non-contending Met teams. Reardon became a standout reliever with 152 saves and a National League Rolaids Award in his six seasons as an Expo. Norman batted .212 in 53 games for Montreal in 1982 to end his career.