Ed Hearn, Rick Anderson and Mauro Gozzo for David Cone and Chris Jelic

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Date: March 27, 1987
Team: Kansas City Royals
Sent: Ed Hearn, Rick Anderson, Mauro Gozzo
Received: David Cone, Chris Jelic

During Spring Training in 1987, the Mets and Royals made a five-player deal. Catcher Ed Hearn and pitchers Rick Anderson and Mauro Gozzo were traded to Kansas City for pitcher David Cone and outfielder Chris Jelic. The acquisition of Cone was designed to further enhance the Mets' solid pitching rotation.

Cone became a quality starter for the Mets. He recorded 80 wins (20 in the division-winning 1988 season) and 1159 strikeouts in six seasons with the team. He also pitched in five games as a Met to end his career in 2003. Jelic played in four games with the Mets in 1990.

Hearn and Anderson each played in 13 games for Kansas City to end their careers. Gozzo pitched two seasons in the Royals' minor league system before joining the Cleveland Indians as a free agent.