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Citi Field is the home of the Mets. The field's exterior is modeled after Ebbets Field, and its most prominent feature is the Jackie Robinson rotunda. The field has a right field porch which hangs over the field, similar to the porch that existed in Tiger Stadium in Detroit.

The design has been criticized as borrowing more from the Brooklyn Dodgers than from the Mets. The main things taken from Shea Stadium are orange foul poles (every other stadium uses yellow ones) and the home run apple. In 2010 they added a Mets Hall of Fame to the park.

The park is designed to provide a home field advantage. The outfield walls jut out at strange angles, and the heights vary. The Met outfielders are likely to develop a better field for the caroms then visiting outfielders, and this may turn a few games. Of course in early 2009, the Mets were just trying to get their corner outfielders to catch the ball. The Mets lost their home opener when usually sure handed Ryan Church dropped a fly ball to right. This was a day after (and a week before) losing games because of fly balls missed by left fielder Daniel Murphy.


The original plan was for it to be in the bid for the 2012 Olympics, but that did not work out. On March 18 2006 the Mets released the model for their new stadium plans.

First Game

It opened it doors for the first time on March 29, but it was not a Mets game that was played on that day. the first game at Citi field was played between Sean Lamont and Georgetown University, Georgetown won the game 6-4.

The Mets at Citi

The first Mets games at Citi were a pair of exhibition games against the Red Sox. The Mets won the first and lost the second.

The first regular season game at Citi was on April 13. The Mets lost to the Padres 6-5, Brian Stokes got the loss. David Wright had the Mets' first hit (a double) in the first inning, and their first home run, a three run game tying shot in the fifth.