Charlie Puleo, Lloyd McClendon and Jason Felice for Tom Seaver

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Date: December 16, 1982
Team: Cincinnati Reds
Sent: Charlie Puleo, Lloyd McClendon, Jason Felice
Received: Tom Seaver

The Mets made a deal with the Reds to return an old favorite back to New York. Tom Seaver was reacquired in exchange for pitcher Charlie Puleo, catcher Lloyd McClendon and outfielder Jason Felice. Seaver had been the Mets' most notable figure during the team's rise to prominance in the 1960s and 1970s. Puleo had become a regular member of the Mets' starting rotation in 1982. McClendon and Felice were minor league prospects.

In 1983, Seaver was a basic part of the Mets' pitching staff. He led the team in several pitching categories and recorded nine wins in his return season. Tom joined the Chicago White Sox in 1984.

Puleo pitched in 32 games and had a 7-14 won-lost record for the Reds in '83 and '84. After reaching the major leagues, McClendon batted .215 in 117 games for Cincinnati in 1987 and 1988. Felice never played in a major league game.