Calvin Schiraldi, Wes Gardner, John Christensen and LaSchelle Tarver for Bob Ojeda, John Mitchell, Tom McCarthy and Chris Bayer

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Date: November 13, 1985
Team: Boston Red Sox
Sent: Calvin Schiraldi, Wes Gardner, John Christensen, LaSchelle Tarver
Received: Bob Ojeda, John Mitchell, Tom McCarthy, Chris Bayer

The Mets and Red Sox made a mega-deal in December of 1985. Four players from each team's organization were exchanged. Members of both teams' major and minor league levels were involved in the transaction.

From the Mets' end of things, pitchers Calvin Schiraldi and Wes Gardner and outfielders John Christensen and LaSchelle Tarver were sent to Boston. On the Sox' side, pitchers Bob Ojeda, John Mitchell, Chris Bayer and Tom McCarthy went to New York. The trade was focused on the enhancement of starting pitching.

The deal paid immediate dividends for both teams. In 1986, Ojeda led the Mets with 18 wins as the team went on to a championship. Schiraldi developed into a quality reliever for Boston en route to a title of their own. In an ironic twist, the Mets and Red Sox faced each other in the World Series with Ojeda and Schiraldi pitching against their old teams.

Following the '86 season, Ojeda won 32 more games for the Mets over the next four years. Schiraldi pitched another year with the Sox before moving on to the Chicago Cubs.

Mitchell pitched in 27 games for the Mets, recording three wins and eight losses. McCarthy spent a season in the Mets' minor league system and moved on to the Chicago White Sox. Bayer never reached the major league level.

Gardner won 17 games and saved 12 in five seasons with the Red Sox. Christensen spent a season in the Sox' minor league system and was traded to the Seattle Mariners. Tarver played in 13 games for the Boston team in '86 and never appeared in the major leagues again.