Bobby Klaus, Wayne Graham and Jimmie Schaffer for Dick Stuart

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Date: February 22, 1966
Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Sent: Bobby Klaus, Wayne Graham, Jimmie Schaffer
Received: Dick Stuart

The Mets made a deal with the Phillies in the winter of 1966. The team acquired first baseman Dick Stuart from Philadelphia in exchange for Bobby Klaus, Wayne Graham and Jimmie Schaffer. Stuart was a slugger with 220 home runs in his previous nine major league seasons. For three utility players, the Mets appeared to be getting some much-needed offensive punch.

The trade turned out to be a disappointment for the Mets. Stuart hit .218 with four homers in 31 games played with the team in 1966. He was released on June 20 and picked up by the Dodgers, with whom he played in the World Series that year.

The Phillies got less out of the transaction than did the Mets. Neither Klaus nor Graham played another major league game and Schaffer appeared in only 10 games with the Philadelphia team. Jimmie had a batting average of .118 for the Phils.