Bob Rauch and Brent Strom for Phil Hennigan

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Date: November 27, 1972
Team: Cleveland Indians
Sent: Bob Rauch, Brent Strom
Received: Phil Hennigan

The Mets and Indians made a deal of pitchers in November of 1972. Sent to the Cleveland team were Bob Rauch and Brent Strom in exchange for Phil Hennigan. Rauch and Strom began their careers with the Mets in the '72 season. They combined for a 5.97 earned run average and a won-lost record of 0-4. Hennigan pitched in 146 games and had a 17-10 won-lost record for the Indians over the previous four seasons.

Hennigan made 30 relief appearances for the Mets in the 1973 season. He had a 6.23 ERA with no wins, four losses and three saves with the team. Phil was sent to the minor leagues in '73 and never returned to the majors.

Strom posted a 4.61 ERA with two wins and ten losses with for Indians in 1973. He was traded to the Padres the following year. Rauch never pitched in another major league game.