Archie Corbin for Pat Tabler

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Date: August 30, 1990
Team: Kansas City Royals
Sent: Archie Corbin
Received: Pat Tabler

During the 1990 season, the Mets were plagued by a series of squandered opportunities with the bases loaded. The team failed to score runs with the sacks filled on many an occasion during the year. On August 30, they hoped to solve this problem by acquiring Pat Tabler from the Royals for minor league pitcher Archie Corbin. Tabler had a career batting average of nearly .500 when batting with three men on base.

Tabler provided just what the Mets were lacking. He had five RBIs in three plate appearances with the bases loaded over the rest of the '90 season. In his first opportunity on September 10, Pat singled home two runs in a 10-1 Mets win over the Cardinals at Shea Stadium. He got a two-run single and was hit by a pitch in his other bases-loaded chances.

Despite Tabler's unique contribution, the Mets came up short of a division title in '90. Pat joined the Toronto Blue Jays as a free agent after the season. Corbin pitched in two games for the Royals in 1991.