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Why I created this site

I'm a little obsessed with baseball. I love it, study it, and think about it constantly. People thought I'd outgrow it. Well, I have three teenage children, a beautiful wife, and a good job, but I wake up every morning wondering if Maine, Perez, and Pelfrey will come through and if Daniel Murphy is the real deal.

Update: I guess that's a no on those pitchers.

Oh -- and I'm very opinionated and I need to share my thoughts. And I thought -- hoped -- that others with the same needs and neuroses could all have fun writing up the best Mets site in the world. Oh, and I'm a little competitive -- I think that's common for obsessive sports fans.

How is this site different than a blog?

A blog is great for sharing what you're thinking and doing right now. It's not the ideal forum for reference information or articles that people want to keep going back to. This site is for those articles and thoughts that will never feel like yesterday's news. If you blog -- great! I hope you can link to articles here for background information.

What you can do

Please enjoy the site, and help build it. See the homepage for simple ways to express your ideas. Thanks!